Tips To Improve the Energy Efficiency Of Your Solar Panel

Tips To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Solar Panel

Key takeaways: 

  • Picking the right solar panel can help you save energy. 
  • Be sure to trim down any trees and bushes that may interfere with solar absorbance.
  • Solar cell efficiency can be increased by installing a solar power concentrator.
  • Maintenance is an important aspect when taking care of your solar system.
  • Hire a trusted solar contractor to give you nothing short of the best. 

The world is moving toward a more green and efficient solution for powering your home. Solar panels have increased in popularity over the years. So, getting solar panels is the way to go if you want to reduce your carbon footprint. Our company, Iron City Construction LLC, provides reliable and affordable solar installation services. 

If you choose solar panels, here are some tips on maximizing the efficiency of your solar systems for your home.

Pick the right solar panel

The type of solar panel system you choose will determine what kind of benefits you receive. This depends on your budget, personal preferences, and other factors. Ask your installer about the energy production rate and types of panels they have to offer. Depending on your budget, the expensive monocrystalline has the highest energy efficiency. At the same time, thin films are affordable but less energy efficient.

Avoid the shade

Solar systems have peak performance when they receive ample sunlight from harvesting energy. If obstacles block the path of the solar cells may hinder the absorbance rate. Solar cells have peak performance when installed in a series, but if one of your panels is in the shade, the energy produced by the adjacent cells will also deplete. Try trimming down any trees and bushes that may interfere with the solar absorbance. 

Angle the solar panels right

Solar panels must be placed at the correct angle to absorb most sunlight. The solar panels need to point towards the sun, which is south-facing. Also, the slopes of the solar panels ensure that they remain clean. Keeping them at the ideal angle will keep debris like leaves and rain off your solar roofing. You can also set up your solar panels to track the movement of the sun to maximize absorbance.

Install a solar power concentrator

Solar cell efficiency can be increased by installing a solar power concentrator. It helps your solar system increase efficiency by up to 40% by adding a Fresnel lens that concentrates the solar energy onto the solar cell. Concentrating solar cells are designed and manufactured in a particular way. Still, they are of no use in a traditional solar system setup. And it may be costly to have them installed.

Install backup batteries

Any energy that you don’t use will be lost. Backup batteries can store excess energy generated by your solar roof. Consider installing lithium-ion batteries that can store energy absorbed by solar cells for use on days that are unexpectedly cloudy or during the winter months. 

Clean your solar panels 

If you aren’t getting the performance you expected, it could be because there’s dirt or debris lodged in the panels of your solar roof. Any debris that falls on the solar system may obstruct the linear path to sunlight. Make sure to clean your solar panels routinely to ensure maximum efficiency properly. How frequently you have to clean them depends on the weather conditions. 

Reduce the number of appliances 

Using too many appliances or devices will significantly increase the rate at which your batteries drain out and your batteries leading to a shortage of power. Don’t run your dishwasher if you’re also using the washing machine. Using less power for extended periods is more cost-effective than using high power for a little while.

Hire certified solar installers 

Solar systems perform the best and absorb the most energy when they are installed correctly. Everything from the angle of the solar cells to the temperature regulation affects the energy output for your home. We recommend enlisting the services of professionals who are skilled in such procedures. 

Add anti reflectors 

Essentially anti-reflectors allow your photovoltaic cells to absorb more sunlight as more light cannot be reflected. Up to 30% of energy can be lost without anti-reflectors. We recommend inquiring about the anti-reflection treatment of your solar panels.

Alternatively, there are several mistakes that you can make while getting a solar roof installed. It is as important to reduce error in installation as it is to take steps to maximize energy output. Here are a few tips to keep in mind

Check micro cracks

They are often too small and easy to miss if you’re not looking for them. They are the result of the import installation of solar roofing or excessive force. A surefire way to know if there are micro cracks in your panels is that there will be a downtick in energy generation.

Inquire about installers

Solar roofing is an expensive and time-consuming process that holds delicate components. A certified solar panel installer will have the qualifications to provide quality service and allow you to receive government subsidies for solar roofing. You might be ineligible to receive a rebate if an unlicensed installer installed your solar system.

Not knowing your region’s climate

As solar systems generate power by absorbing light energy from the sun, it is imperative that you know the full extent of your local weather patterns. Receiving too little or too much sunlight can reduce the efficiency of your solar panels. Also, take into account winter months when the sunlight is likely to be minimal.

Consider your available space

Consider your living space and the size of the solar panels you will install. Solar systems may require additional upgrades that will be difficult or impossible to install if you lack the space.

Refrain from incorrectly estimating your energy needs. 

If you are unaware of how much energy you consume, it can be very easy to underestimate your energy consumption. Hire a professional who will walk you through this process.



Solar energy is the way to go if you’re trying to be as energy efficient as possible. Consider availing one of many solar energy installation packages of Iron City Construction LLC, serving Hillsborough County. Our highly trained and committed contractors provide our clients with exceptional and reliable services to help you build a solar system that gives you the greenest power plan. 

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