5 Excellent Roofing Alternatives For You To Consider

5 Excellent Roofing Alternatives For You To Consider

You have a generous selection to choose from if you’re combing the market for a new roof. There is a world of materials and styles to consider, each with its benefits and drawbacks.

If you’re not sure what’s your taste, don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Iron City Construction LLC will discuss five popular roofing alternatives in this blog post. Keep scrolling to learn more!

No. 1: Stone-Coated Metal

This type of steel roofing is typically installed over wood strips or battens. It can mimic the look of asphalt shingles, clay tiles, or even wood shakes. It’s one of the more expensive roofing options, but it’s also durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. Its crushed granite coating makes it resistant to fire, hail, and high winds.

If you’re looking for a beautiful and durable roofing option, stone-coated metal might be the right choice for you!

No. 2: Built-Up Roofing

The most popular choice for low-sloped roofs, built-up roofing (BUR), is a system of alternating layers of tar and gravel that’s been used and trusted for a long time. It’s a reliable, durable option and, with proper maintenance, will last you for several years.

Built-up roofing comes in different thicknesses to accommodate different needs. It can be reinforced with fiberglass or polyester to make it even more durable.

If you’re looking for a tried-and-true roofing option, built-up roofing might be the right choice!

No. 3: Solar Shingles

If you’re looking for a roofing option to help offset the cost of your energy bills, solar shingles might be the right choice!

Solar shingles are photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert sunlight into electricity. Today’s shingles are more rigid than the former “thin-film” models. They look a lot like traditional asphalt shingles, making them an excellent option for those who want to go solar without sacrificing aesthetics.

No. 4: Standing Seam Roofing

This type goes over standard plywood roof decking and an approved underlayment, such as an ice-and-water shield. After that, metal panels are fastened to the roof. The interlocking seams between the panels give this option its name and provide superior protection against leaks.

Standing seam roofs are also low-maintenance and can last for decades with proper care. This could be the best option for you if you live in an area with severe weather conditions, such as heavy rain or high winds.

No. 5: Single-Ply Roofing

This is a popular commercial roofing choice, but you can also use it on residential properties. Single-ply roofs are made from sheets of synthetic rubber materials or thermoplastic. They’re easy to install and can be completed in a shorter time than other roofing types.

These roofs work for large roof areas because they come in sheets, making them less labor-intensive to install. They’re also lightweight, which is advantageous if your home can’t support a heavier roof.


Those were five roofing alternatives for you to consider when you’re ready to re-roof your home in Hillsborough County. Be sure to discuss with a roofing professional, such as Iron City Construction LLC, before making your final decision. We can help you find the best roofing system for your home, business, and budget.

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