4 Problems With Installing A Metal Roof Over Shingles

4 Problems With Installing A Metal Roof Over Shingles

There is no denying the beauty of your new neighbor’s metal roof. The biggest surprise was that they replaced their old asphalt shingle roof in less than a month. Can this be done?

We can confirm that it is achievable since we have expertise and knowledge as long-time roofers in Pasco County. On the other hand, we cannot vouch for its ability to improve the material’s performance. A metal-over-shingle roof can be difficult and lead to several problems.

 In this blog post, Iron City Construction LLC will discuss some of the most common problems with installing a metal roof over shingles and how to avoid them.

Problem 01:

Can’t Replace Bad Roof Decking Without Removing The Metal Roof.

The hardwood planks that form the structure of your complete roof system are called roof decking. The old one is pulled off to the decking when you get a brand-new roof. This is an opportunity for your roofing professional to check the decking for decaying or damaged boards.

The problem is that when you place a metal roof over an asphalt roof, there is no chance to evaluate the decking. If there is bad decking, it will only worsen over time as water and moisture work through the metal roof.

Problem 02:

The Weight Of The Metal & Shingles Compromise The Roof

The average asphalt shingle roof weighs about seven pounds per square foot. A metal roof can weigh up to three times as much. That extra weight puts much strain on your home’s structure, which was not designed to support that kind of heft. The weight could cause your trusses to sag and your rafters to crack.

Problem 03:

Leaks Are Harder To Track And Repair

Another problem with installing a metal roof over shingles is that future leaks will be harder to track and repair. Metal roofs are impervious to water, so any water that gets under the metal roof will run down the underside until it reaches the edge.

This can make it very challenging to find the source of the leak, and it can also make the repair process much more difficult.

Problem 04:

Old Shingle Roof Problems Won’t Magically Go Away

Just because you install a new metal roof over your old shingles doesn’t mean that all of your old roof problems will magically go away. If your old shingles are damaged or worn, those problems will still be there – and they’ll now be hidden under your new roof. Before replacing your existing roof, ensure it’s in good shape because this might cause significant issues in the future.

Now you know four problems when installing a metal roof over shingles. Even though these issues are serious, it doesn’t mean that you will experience them.

An inexpensive and practical approach to ensure your roof is in good condition and prevent any headaches is to have a full roof inspection by the professionals at Iron City Construction.

Our inspectors are skilled at quickly spotting any concerns with your roof in Pasco County so you can have them fixed before they worsen.

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